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Master planning motivates QuangTri’s development: Provincial Party Chief

The completion of the provincial planning for the 2021–2030 period with a vision to 2050 will serve as the foundation to awaken potential and advantages, create breakthroughs, and open new opportunities for Quang Tri to develop with the entire country. This is because planning is seen as a crucial factor in effectively mobilizing resources to promote growth.

Master planning motivates QuangTris development: Provincial Party Chief

Le Quang Tung, Secretary of the Quang Tri Party Committee.

The master planning needs to be forward-thinking, all-encompassing, focused, and near potential to lay the groundwork for the province’s rapid and sustainable development.

Acknowledging its significance, the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, and People’s Committee have encouraged involvement from all branches, levels, and communities in creating the Provincial Plan. The province has selected international consulting firms with innovative thinking and strategic vision that align with development trends and domestic companies.

Quang Tri Province chose Singapore Cooperation Enterprise to develop the "Quang Tri Province high-level economic positioning research report.“At the same time, the province worked with Sakae Advisory - SurbanaJurong to create”Quang Tri Provincial Planning Idea to 2030, Vision to 2050" and with AVSE Global Organization to take part in the Plan’s criticism.

These reputable international consulting firms aim to assist the province in creating a picture of peaceful socioeconomic development that benefits the entire region and fulfills the objective of QuangTri’s sustainable and prosperous growth.

Master planning motivates QuangTris development: Provincial Party Chief

Part of Cua Tung Town in Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri. Photo: Nguyen Xuan Tu

Quang Tri’s planning

Quang Tri is located in Vietnam’s central region, bordered by Quang Binh to the north, ThuaThien-Hue to the south, Laos to the southwest, and the East Sea to the east. It has a coastal line of 187,864 km, two international border gates Lao Bao and La Lay, the first point in the East-West Economic Corridor connecting Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar through the Lao Bao International Border Gate.

Quang Tri holds a strategic position and important role in terms of politics, economics, security, environment, and socio-culture.

On December 29, 2023, the Prime Minister approved QuangTri’s master planning for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050. It becomes the footing for the locality to make policies and build investment plans for its development.

The move aims to make Quang Tri among wealthy localities nationwide, with industry and services holding the key pillar by 2030 and 2050, being one of the northern and coastal central region’s logistics hubs.

Its gross regional domestic product (GRDP) is targeted to reach 8.2%/year for 2021-2030, with agriculture accounting for 10.5% and non-agriculture 84.5%. Per capita income is about VND170 million (US$6,688)/year.

It targets to mobilize an investment amount of VND434 trillion ($17 billion). Meanwhile, the locality will be among those with good debt-to-income (DTI), the Public Administrative Reform (PAR) Index, the Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS) index, the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI), and the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

Master planning motivates QuangTris development: Provincial Party Chief

Con Co Island, Quang Tri. Photo: Nguyen Xuan Tu

To concretize the above goals, Quang Tri has targeted to make some breakthroughs, including:

(1) Building a synchronous transport system with a focus on National Road No.15D, Cam Lo – Lao Bao Expressway, Coastal Roads, Road connecting La Lay International Border Gate and My Thuy Port, building Quang Tri Airport, upgrading Cua Viet Port, and investing in My Thuy deep-water port accommodating cargos of 100,000 tons.

(2) Improving business environment to make it a dynamic destination in the northern central region toward improved PCI and PAPI by 3-5 ranks.

(3) Digital transformation in e-government, digital economy, and digital society coupled with administrative reforms and smart city by 2030. Meanwhile, it requires better human resources with increasing application of artificial intelligence (AI) in production and business in general.

(4) Developing a workforce that gives priority to training and offering meritocracy to qualified people domestically and internationally to gradually turn the province into a workforce supplier for the region and the East-West Economic Corridor.

Accordingly, the province has decided on eight major tasks to develop its economy.

1/ It focuses on building Quang Tri a clean energy hub of the region by 2030 with the 1,500-MW Hai Lang LNG Plant, the 340-MW Quang Tri Power Plant, developing wind power projects in Huong Hoa and Cam Lo district, coastal areas, and Con Co Island, while investing in green hydrogen and small- and medium-sized hydropower plants.

2/ It prioritizes tourism to make it a spearhead sector, making Quang Tri a tourist attraction in the central region for historical and cultural relics while developing leisure travel in Cua Tung – Cua Viet – Con Co, tours to La Vang pilgrimage center, adventure travel, and community-based tourism in HuongHoa and Dakrong districts.

3/ The province will develop logistics in Cam Lo, GioLinh, Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone, Lao Bao Special Economic Zone, and La Lay International Border Gate. At the same time, it will build 12 inland container depots (ICD) covering an area of 267 ha while establishing Lao Bao – DensavanCrossborder Economic Zone and My Thuy Port.

4/ Based on the advantages of the province, it will develop high-tech manufacturing and processing industries, such as those in the areas of forestry, fisheries, agriculture, food processing, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, clothing, shoe leather, silicate, construction materials production, mineral processing, and supporting industries like mechanical repair and electronic assembly.

5/ Quang Tri will develop hi-tech agriculture with organic products and local specialties to meet domestic consumption and export.

6/It’s important to give priority to environment protection and biodiversity preservation coupled with promoting specific ecological models.

7/ The province will take inclusive development into account to ensure that all groups of the population are beneficiaries of the development, especially vulnerable groups and those with merits to the nation.

8/ The province will strengthen defense and security while being active in international integration to maintain the border with Laos stable and for mutual development.

To make the goals possible, the local authorities have asked relevant agencies to take on the following tasks:

The province has announced the implementation of the provincial planning, which is in line with the Politburo’s Resolution No.26-NQ/TW dated November 3, 2022, on "Developing socio-economics and maintaining security and defense in the northern central and central coastal region by 2030 and vision to 2045."

The local government has focused on mobilizing resources to tap its potential with the highest political determination.

Meanwhile, the province has attracted investment in infrastructure, major transport and urban projects, manufacturing and processing industries, energy, and logistics.

Furthermore, the provincial agencies speed up administrative reforms and remove barriers for businesses while intensifying investment in education, and manpower training and attraction.

Quang Tri Province’s planning for the years 2021–2030 and a vision for 2050 are products of the political resolve of its leaders, both at the local and national levels, as well as the people living there. Believing that Quang Tri will leverage its advantages and achieve its goal of becoming an integrated economic hub for the north-central and central coastal region by 2030, with the Party’s leadership and the province’s efforts playing a major role.

Le Quang Tung, Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Quang Tri Party Committee, and Head of the Quang Tri National Assembly Delegation

Le Quang Tung, Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Quang Tri Party Committee, an

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