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Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

A ceremony was inaugurated today (July 6) to begin the construction of the Quang Tri Airport in Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province.

The Quang Tri Airport project, worth VND5.8 trillion (US$228 million) was approved by the Prime Minister on December 20, 2021. Its feasibility project was passed by the provincial People’s Committee in August 2023.

Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

Vice State President Vo Thi Anh Xuan, Deputy Prime Minister Le Thanh Long, Quang Tri Provincial leaders and other government officials press buttons to begin the project. Photo: Le Minh

The airport area covers 265ha of land in Gio Quang, Gio Hai and Gio Mai communes. It meets the class 4C by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), meaning it can accommodate the A320 and A321 aircraft and is classified as a tier-2 military airfield.

It is designed to serve five million passengers per year, and process 25,500 tons of goods annually.

The project is valid for 50 years, including 24 months of construction. Quang Tri Airport may fully operate in July 2026. It is one of the 16 domestic airports to be built nationwide in 2021-2030.

The project contractor is a joint venture of CIENCO4 Group and T&T Traffic Infrastructure Investment and Development Co. Ltd. (a member of T&T Group).

Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

Government officials and distinguished guests attend the inauguration ceremony. Photo: Le Minh

Quang Tri holds a vital geographic location. The province is the connecting point of the North-South and East-West economic corridors with favorable traffic conditions such as the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) route, the shortest way between Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

The operation of Quang Tri Airport will boost air transport, tourism, trade, and logistics, enhance the growth of industrial and economic parks, attract domestic and international investors, lift services and commercial activities, and guarantee national defense and rescue operations.

Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

Deputy Prime Minister Le Thanh Long delivers his remarks at the ceremony. Photo: Le Minh

Notably, the airport will also help the people of Quang Tri Province shorten their travels to the North and the South and facilitate Vietnamese people in other areas and foreigners to arrive at the honorable land.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Thanh Long hailed the efforts of provincial and local governments and contractors to kick off the project. He also appreciated local people cooperating with government agencies and contractors, and handing over hundreds of hectares of land for the project.

He asked the Ministry of Transport and other government agencies to work with Quang Tri Province and contractors to remove bottlenecks and difficulties so that the project is finished as scheduled, thus putting the airport into official operation soon.

Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

Cement trucks are ready to be deployed. Photo: Le Minh

“Quang Tri needs to create the best conditions for contractors and companies and guarantee high-quality performances in land clearance, resettlement, social security, and construction,” he said.

The province needs to develop policies and programs to make the best use of its advantages, especially regarding the historical relics, nice beaches and natural reserves, and prepare for the airport operation, he recommended.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that provincial and local authorities and contractors must ensure constructions are of the highest quality, avoid bribery and corruption, and stay in line with the laws.

Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

Founder and Chairman of T&T Group Do Quang Hien delivers his speech. Photo: Le Minh

“Quang Tri Airport is the symbol of peace and demonstrates the desire of the whole province for future growth,” said Vo Van Hung, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee.

He noted that the airport building was the first public-private partnership (PPP) project in Vietnam after the PPP-based Investment Law took effect in January 2021.

“The project will open the skies for us to showcase our potential with vast land area, nice beaches, beautiful natural reserves, and popular historical and cultural relics,” he said.

“We hope the province will find the right path to develop the energy industry with plenty of advantages for wind, solar, and gas power projects, thus making Quang Tri the center of the energy sector in the Central Coastal region.”

Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

Provincial People’s Committee Chairman Vo Van Hung speaks at the ceremony. Photo: Le Minh

To ensure construction is complete and the project fully operates in 2026, Chairman Hung urged provincial and local authorities to prioritize it and do their best to support contractors in completing the project.

“Gio Linh District needs to complete land acquisition and resettlement as planned. To endorse people to move, new residential areas must be better than their current places,” he said.

As of June 26, Gio Linh District had cleared an area of 140 hectares, equal to 53% of the total land area required for the project (265 hectares).

He also asked contractors to perform their jobs well and keep track of the schedule, take actions to protect the environment and create jobs for the locals, especially those of the affected families.

Construction begins on Quang Tri Airport

Deputy Prime Minister Le Thanh Long speaks at the ceremony. Photo: Le Minh

“T&T Group commits to mobilize all potential resources to complete the project as planned,” said Founder and Chairman of T&T Group Do Quang Hien.

“I hope the airport will become the main driver of the provincial socio-economic growth and better connect the holy land of Quang Tri with other localities.”

He promised that T&T Group would accompany and contribute to developing Quang Tri Province into a middle-class locality as stated in the provincial overall development plan for 2021-2030 with a vision to 2050.

Le Minh – Huy Anh

Le Minh – Huy Anh

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