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Lure fishing - an energy-generating sport in Quang Tri Province

As the living standards have improved, fishing has become a sport that gives people positive energy.

Since its foundation in 2017, the Quang Tri Provincial Lure Fishing Sport Club has been where people gather, connect and share their passion.

The club is also a small group that has joined the society to protect the environment and secure the ecology.

Lure fishing - an energy-generating sport in Quang Tri Province

A young fisher with his catched fish. Photo: Minh Duc

According to Club President Vo Van Quy, there were 20 founding members initially, and it took a lot of work for the club to maintain regular activities.

“Local fishermen often used electricity to catch fish in the ponds that the club owns, damaging the ecology and environment,” he said.

At first, club members took turns guarding the ponds and educated local fishermen about the damages they caused to the club properties.

From the very first days, the club has grown into a society of 45 official members and 30 unofficial members, most of whom are men. They are 18-75 years old and come from different areas of the province.

“Compared to traditional fishing, with wooden or bamboo rods and real baits, lure fishing is more dangerous and riskier,” club member Tran Dinh De said.

Fisher may get stabbed by the hook or injure others while casting and reeling the rod, he said.

"But it’s an interesting sport. It is the way of smelling and finding the fish that defines our class," De said.

The club members agree that lure fishing is a sport of various factors. Fisher needs time, budget, knowledge, patience, and attitude for learning and sharing.

Lure fishing - an energy-generating sport in Quang Tri Province

Club representative visits a member’s family in hospital. Photo: Minh Duc

In this sport, fishers hunt freshwater fish with fake baits made of metal, rubber and plastic—the fake bait quivers in the water to draw the fish. There is a wide range of baits and devices.

The basic technique in lure fishing is drifting, which requires the fishers to drift the fish for tens of meters in or on the water. Depending on the fish species and the ground of the pond, the fishers will select the proper devices to lure the fish.

Club president Quy added that lure fishers must have a big budget and be willing to spend on the devices.

For beginners, a fishing device combo costs some VND1-2 million (US$41.66-83.32). A more advanced fisher may have to spend VND5-10 million (US$208.29-416.58) on the devices. At the pro level, a package of fishing devices may cost VND25-40 million (US$1,040-1,700).

Therefore, many fishers want to spend more, buy modern devices to satisfy their fishing passion and partake in competitions in the province and across the country.

A healthy sport club

The club now has two ponds located in Cam Lo and Hai Lang districts. The ponds are where club members gather and fishing contests are held.

The club has organized four major contests and tens of minor competitions, said club’s Vice President Pham Nhu Long.

In July 2023, the club hosted the 3rd National Lure Fishing Championship, which attracted nearly 250 fishers and supporters from 12 provinces and cities.

The championship was also an opportunity for the participants, players and guests to discover the beauties of Quang Tri Province. All games and contests were held as per regulations of the provincial authorities.

Lure fishing - an energy-generating sport in Quang Tri Province

Photo shows members of the Quang Tri Provincial Lure Fishing Sport Club. Photo: Minh Duc

Through the competitions, the club will select high-quality fishers and send them to mini-games and national competitions. The club and its members have earned respect, awards and reputation nationwide.

Notably, the club finished as the second-best team at the 2019 National Lure Fishing Championship and the fourth-best team at the 2022 and 2023 Central Highlands Lure Fishing championships.

Besides professional and sporting activities, the Quang Tri Provincial Lure Fishing Sport Club has worked with local authorities and communities to clean the local environment, develop the fishery sector, and plant more trees to balance the ecology.

Among regular activities is the environmental protection in Nam Hao Lake, Dong Ha City, in which the club often educates local people to stay healthy and exercise, laying no waste and effluents to the lake.

The club members also visit and support the people and families with meritorious services to the revolution and needy households and assist its members.

“We eye to join the Vietnam Game Fishing Association (VGFA), increase the number of club members by 45-70 people in 2023, and host the national fishing super cup in 2024,” President Quy said.

Minh Duc - Huy Anh

Minh Duc - Huy Anh

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