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Amazing, potential headlands in Quang Tri Province

At the coastal commune of Kim Thach in Quang Tri Province’s Vinh Linh District lie the three capes that reach out to the sea by hundreds of meters, creating some magnificent landscapes and attracting many travelers and locals.

The most popular destination among those headlands is Mui Treo (Treo Cape), which rises tens of meters above the sea level. From its peak, the cape reveals the beauty of wildness and nature.

Underneath the cape is a free beach with slates being naturally placed one over another, thus making the cape a place for camping.

To reach Mui Treo, travelers have to hike through Ru Bau forest, which spans a total of seven hectares with a wide range of living species and plants.

Amazing, potential headlands in Quang Tri Province

The Quang Tri Provincial People"s Committee officials, led by ex-chairman Nguyen Duc Chinh, visited Mui Treo in 2018. Photo: Nguyen Phuc

Mui Treo is a favorite place-to-come for young travelers. It is often overcrowded with many backpackers on holidays and weekends.

This is the place where many people capture their once-in-a-lifetime moments and dwell into the immensity of the skies and seas.

In May 2018, Nguyen Duc Chinh, former Chairman of the Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee, arrived at Mui Treo, and expected the cape, alongside Ru Bau forest, would be developed into good tourist destinations.

He then tasked the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to work with local authorities and find a proper way to develop the sites.

Chinh urged local authorities build a road connecting Cua Tung (Tung Seagate) to Mui Treo so more travelers will be able to reach the site.

Mui Lay

Also located in Kim Thach Commune, Mui Lay (Lay Cape) is not far from Mui Treo. This is also a promontory that stretches into the water by some 500 meters and lies some seven kilometers to the north of Cua Tung.

The cape becomes popular for the 40-meter high Mui Lay lighthouse, which was built in 1976, giving a wide view to an open space of seas and skies, flying seagulls, and cruising ships.

To travelers and Quang Tri people, Mui Lay is one of the most favorite check-ins and camping sites with gentle sea waves, crystal-clear water, nice sand beach, and a fresh water well.

“Travel is not all about going to luxury places. Here at Mui Lay, all I need is a tent and some camping tools to relax with my family,” Ngo Truong Giang, a resident of Dong Ha City, said.

Amazing, potential headlands in Quang Tri Province

The birdview of Mui Lay landscapes. Photo: Quang Tri Provincial IPA

Mui Si

Mui Si (Si Cape) is the headland that that lies in the middle of the coastal road connecting Cua Tung beach to Vinh Moc tunnel. With the height of some 30 meters above the sea and undiscovered beach, Mui Si is now a preferred getaway for families and individuals to escape from the heat of the summer.

Right on the beach, the floor of Mui Si is sculpted with mocked natural rocks that runs endlessly, painting a picture of wild, oceanic space.

Further exploration will bring tourists a war tunnel, a part of Vinh Moc tunnel network, which stretches for 200 meters with three entrances and one exit to the sea.

Acknowledging the potential of local headlands in driving the province’s tourism sector, Vinh Linh District has searched for ways to develop agro-tourism.

However, the capes are still far from reaching their potentials because of the underdevelopment of infrastructure, service, and manpower.

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of Vinh Linh District People’s Committee, said that the province has encourages people, society and businesses to join hand to upgrade the rural area.

The district focuses on the rural sites that are managed by the people under the authorities’ advice and supervision, he said, adding the capes will be developed in a similar way.

Nguyen Duc Tan, Director of the Quang Tri Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Agency (IPA Quang Tri), said that community-based tourism is the right way to develop these areas at the moment.

“With the participation of the local people, we hope to develop eco-friendly travel around the capes in combination with marine tourism,” Tan said.

“As you stand on the volcanic land, surrounded by the sea and forest, you will find yourself comfortable to camp here at the capes,” he said.

“In the future, the provincial authorities will try to lure private investors to make investment and explore the potential of the areas.”

Thanh Loc - Huy Anh

Thanh Loc - Huy Anh

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