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Quang Tri-Sekong high-ranking meeting opens

A high-ranking meeting between Quang Tri Province and Sekong Province (Laos) took place in Dong Ha on August 30.

Quang Tri-Sekong high-ranking meeting opens

Officials of Quang Tri and Sekong at the high-ranking meeting held in Dong Ha City on August 30. Photo: N.T.H

The event marked the attendance of Lelay Sivilay, Secretary of SeKong Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the SeKong Provincial People’s Committee, Secretary of Quang Tri Party Committee Le Quang Tung, Chairman of Quang Tri People’s Committee Vo Van Hung, and other senior officials.

Speaking at the event, Secretary Le Quang Tung said Quang Tri and Sekong, though share no borderline, have tightened relationship demonstrated by high-ranking visit exchange and cooperation in several fields, including coal transport from Sekong to Vietnam through La Lay Border Gate.

The outcomes of the friendly cooperation relationship that the two provinces have achieved in the past demonstrate their efforts and willingness to work together.

To continue advancing socioeconomic development, bolstering national defense, and ensuring each province’s security in particular, it is crucial that the two provinces work together more closely as they face new challenges. A long-standing friendship and unique solidarity were built over the course of building and defending the nation of the two peoples of Vietnam and Laos.

Secretary Le Quang Tung believed that the outcomes of this meeting would help to advance the cordial ties between Quang Tri and Sekong provinces. In doing so, it meets the needs of the Party Committee, the government, and the people of the two provinces while advancing relations between the localities.

Quang Tri-Sekong high-ranking meeting opens

Senior officials attend the signing of agreements between the two provinces. Photo: N.T.H

Comprehensive cooperation

The two parties disclosed the state of the nation’s socioeconomic development, national security, and political systems during the negotiations.

Quang Tri and Sekong came to an agreement to develop political and foreign collaboration based on trust and understanding for effective cooperation in the future. The relationship between Quang Tri province and Sekong province in particular is growing deeper as they work to further the spirit of friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Laos as a whole. Together, the two provinces promote cooperation and ties among departments, agencies, and communities.

Each side fosters favorable conditions and helps workers from each province find employment in their region. Economically, the government fosters an environment that encourages companies to investigate investment possibilities in each province.

Both provinces support businesses to easily and rapidly exploit, import, and export coal and raw materials through La Lay international border gate. The two provinces also encourage companies to take part in cooperative ventures such as trade shows, product distribution, e-commerce growth, and business networking.

To boost trade, investment, and tourism between the two provinces and the two nations, they are also continuing to simplify administrative procedures, lower obstacles, and enhance service quality.

In terms of culture and travel, the two provinces promote collaboration in travel, passenger, and cargo transportation, and cultural exchange while establishing shared travel corridors. Additionally, they collaborate to organize exchange activities in the domains of culture, art, physical fitness, and sports in order to introduce and promote culture and tourism between the two provinces. They also connect the transport system for the growth of tourism.

The two sides also work together to develop human resources and further education and training.

Secretary Le Quang Tung, at the end of the meeting, stressed the need to preserve the long-standing goodwill between Quang Tri and Sekong provinces. To increase productivity, all parties must have a wide range of workable alternatives.

He argued that successful cooperation between the two provinces should be encouraged in all areas, including politics, international relations, economics, trade, investment, culture, tourism, and transportation. They must simultaneously build human resources in accordance with the signed content. For the signed issues to be implemented successfully, each party needs to have a detailed road map.

Quang Tri and Sekong will arrange high-level visits in the near future while fostering information exchange, sharing of socioeconomic development experiences, and education of unique Vietnamese-Lao traditions among officials and the general populace.

The two provinces increase the amount of commodities imported and exported between Vietnam and Laos by taking advantage of the economic corridor, a corridor that runs parallel to the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) and connects the provinces of Quang Tri, Salavan, and Sekong.

Thanh Hai – Linh Pham

Thanh Hai – Linh Pham

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