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Expectations set for Quang Tri’s Southeastern Economic Zone

Quang Tri’s Southeastern Economic Zone set up in accordance with Resolution 42/2015/QD-TTg in 2015 by the prime minister, is a multifunctional maritime economic zone, a hub for agri-forestry-fisheries, energy, tourism, trade, services, and seaport, holding a significant role in the development of the province and the central region.

Expectations set for Quang Tri’s Southeastern Economic Zone

Quang Tri’s officials work with investors of the Hai Lang LNG Center. Photo: H.T

The Quang Tri Southeastern Economic Zone covers an area of nearly 23,800 ha including 17 communes in three districts of Gio Linh, Trieu Phong, and Hai Lang. Specifically, the northeast of Cua Viet is where coastal tourism services should be developed, the northwest is where regional infrastructure is concentrated, and the center is where the soon-to-be-constructed Quang Tri Airport will be located.

The Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone is centered on the coastal region of Hai Lang district, which is home to industrial parks, residential areas, administrative areas, tourism, the deep-water port of My Thuy, logistics, banking, and telecommunications services. Gas, electricity, and industry are present to provide Quang Tri province and the Central region with a position and force for long-term development. The regions and points of interest within the economic zone work well together, significantly altering the coastal area’s appearance and promoting economic growth and restructuring for the province of Quang Tri.

Quang Tri province has prioritized investment in several essential construction items, taking advantage of the government’s capital help to clear land and invest in building technical infrastructure. Such items include the center road, which is 23.5 km long and has cost VND630 billion (US$24.8 million), which runs along the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone. This decision was made in light of the importance of building and developing the technical infrastructure of functional areas in the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone.

Additionally, constructing the first phase of the road leading to the HaiKhe Resettlement Area and the area itself, which will cost VND252 billion ($10 million) in total; Hai One commune resettlement area, phase 1, will require an investment of VND72 billion ($2.8 million); another, VND50 billion ($1.9 million), will involve clearing mines, explosives, and bombs in preparation for resettlement in the districts of Hai Lang and Trieu Phong in the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone.

These are crucial components for setting up the framework and inspiring the growth of other useful sectors in the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone.

The economic zone’s implementation of general planning, zoning planning, and detailed planning has provided the framework for luring capital and carrying out significant investment projects. It has also helped to foster industrial development and economic restructuring, given rise to numerous jobs for locals, increased budget revenue, and supported the modernization and industrialization of the economy.

Numerous large-scale projects have been mobilized through the creation of functional areas within the economic zone. The move is in line with the province’s advantages and potential to develop a number of important economic sectors, including lodging tourism, construction material processing, gas and solar power, deep-sea port services, thermal power, gas power, solar power, logistics, and resort tourism.

At present, the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone has drawn 19 projects with a total investment capital of VND115 trillion ($4.5 billion) and a land lease area of approximately 257 hectares that have commenced operations. Additionally, more than 30 projects with a total investment capital of VND150.5 trillion ($5.9 billion) and a land lease area of roughly 2,612 hectares have been granted investment policy decisions and are putting procedures into place to invest in construction projects.

Many significant projects are among them, including LG Hai Lang Gas Power Center (1500MW), Quang Tri combined cycle gas turbine power plant (340MW), Quang Tri airport, My Thuy port area, Trieu Phu Multi-industry Industrial Park, Hai Ha Petroleum Terminal, Viet Lao Petroleum Terminal, CFG Nam Cua Viet Port, Wharf No.4, Logistics and Service Center, Central road along the economic zone, coastal road connecting the East-West corridor.

Expectations set for Quang Tri’s Southeastern Economic Zone

Quang Tri’s leaders and investors kick off the construction of the My Thuy Wharf project in Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province. Photo: Thanh Truc


The Provincial Economic Zone Management Board reports that several minor issues have emerged with luring investment. It is therefore vitally important to adapt in order to fit the new development orientation.

The policy of modifying the General Planning for the Southeast Economic Zone’s construction was approved by the Prime Minister on February 16, 2022. In light of this, the Quang Tri People’s Committee has been entrusted with revising the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone’s general planning to 2035 with an eye toward 2050. The committee will then submit its proposal to the Ministry of Construction for review and to the Prime Minister for approval.

Developing the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone into a comprehensive, multi-sector, breakthrough economic zone of Quang Tri province is the aim of the planning adjustments. In addition, it is expected to grow into a significant hub for regional development in the areas of international trade, forestry, fisheries, agriculture processing, building materials manufacturing, electricity generation, tourism, trade services, logistics, and a significant seaport. Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone is anticipated to develop into Vietnam’s economic entry point into the Central area with those orientations.

Sakae Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd and Meinhardt Planners Pte Ltd (Singapore) have been tasked by Quang Tri province with presenting ideas for the study on adjusting the planning in Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone to 2035 with a vision to 2050.

It is undeniable that the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone satisfies all requirements for establishing and growing a multi-functional economic zone, which will act as a catalyst to stimulate the province’s economy.

Ha Trang – Linh Pham

Ha Trang – Linh Pham

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