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Unique specialties of Cua

Cua, the endearing name of the two communes of Cam Chinh and Cam Nghia, Cam Lo District, is making a strong impression on tourists with its unique specialties, showing the simplicity and rusticity of the Central region.

Unique specialties of CuaCua's medical extracts. Photo:T.P

Cua has been famous for its pepper. Thanks to its high oil content, firmness, and special spicy and delicious flavor, Cua pepper is especially popular with locals and tourists. It is gradually becoming a specialty many people seek to buy when coming to Quang Tri.

Tran Ha, Director of Cua Pepper Agricultural Service Cooperative, said: "After Quang Tri was liberated, the red soil area of Cua was converted into a key pepper growing area of Cam Lo District. Before 2005, pepper was considered “black gold”, bringing a prosperous life to many people and families in the area.

"I often give Cua pepper to friends in other provinces during business trips. This is also a way to promote the product’s position. I feel proud when many people across the country recognize the products of my hometown. Through Cua pepper, many people will have more in-depth knowledge about Cua land and Quang Tri Province," Ha said.However, this product faced many difficulties, such as service price decline, extreme weather, or being devastated by pests and diseases. People and local authorities are struggling to revive the Cua pepper brand, including constantly renovating and restoring pepper trees, looking for market outlets, building brands, packaging designs, and labels, and promoting this product to reach larger markets.

Unique specialties of CuaCua market displays many various specialties. Photo: T.P

In addition, Cua chicken is also a famous specialty of this idyllic land. Due to being raised in a natural environment with suitable terrain, climate, and raw food, the meat of chicken is delicious and fatty but not greasy. Their reputation has influenced many supermarkets in Hue, Da Nang, and Saigon. They have received VietGAP certification for clean and safe products and 3-star OCOP certification and are being recommended to upgrade to 4 stars.

Not only pepper and chicken, Cua also has other specialties such as green tea, sweet jackfruit, bananas... Being grown on badan red soil, with the sunny and windy weather of the Central region, their flavor becomes more intense.

Local people are also especially proud of ancient tea trees over 100 years old, reaching four or five meters high. Not only do they have economic value, these trees are also a testament to the resilience and heroism of this land. In particular, the bitter taste mixed with the sweetness and aroma of this tea leaves unforgettable impressions on tea lovers. Even though the tea leaves are cooked second to third times, they retain flavor.

Besides long-standing specialties, medicinal extracts have been considered a new specialty in this area in recent years. More and more households are focusing on producing various medicinal extracts, including Solanum procumbens and Polyscias fruticosa, and establishing production facilities for them.

Truc Phuong - Tung Lam

Truc Phuong - Tung Lam

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